Improve Your Social Skills

Helping men learn essential in-person skills for dating or networking with others.
This page will give you tools to strengthen your 'Social IQ' around women.  

Social Skill Attraction 

-The Social Gap Explained
-How to Have Great Conversations
-Signs a Woman is Interested on Dates
-How Women Treat Beta Men (coming soon)

The Social Gap Disaster Between Men and Women

This page will break down what I personally believe may be the most important concept to understand about dating today.  

The 'Social Gap' is a cultural phenomenon that is ruining MOST relationships between men and women today.  This has everything to do with your 'Social IQ' compared to hers.

If you meet a woman and she feels her 'Social IQ' is higher than yours, she will always have one foot out of the relationship ready to move on.  

Learn about the Social Gap

How to Have Great Conversations 

This page will help you have better conversations and make you come off as a really interesting person to people you communicate with.  

We will be focusing on 3 specific conversation techniques that will help you converse better with everyone (both men and women).  

Learn these and use them INSTANTLY to improve your conversations with others.

Learn to Have Better Conversations

Body Language to
Notice on First Dates

This page will take a video from my program First Date Mastery to break down key signs a woman will give off that show she is interested or growing more comfortable with you.  

These are some of the important body language cues to pick up on that will give you a 'hidden super power' around women to be able to gauge when you should move forward or when you should back off around her.  

Learn Signs a Woman is Interested

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